Laughing during sex

Photo source: Sex is not the enemy.

I think it’s very important to be able to laugh with your partner during sex. The whole point of it is to enjoy yourselves and each other (aside from having a baby). It’s saddening how shame and insecurities can cause us to lose sight of that. It’s saddening how we can cling to people who are not right for us, who we don’t feel comfortable with, who we succumb to pressure under, instead of looking out for our own happiness.

Enough of that seriousness. It’s early and I’m posting this without much critical revision yet, so I’ll not go into an eloquent essay. Bottom line: during sex, you should be happy and comfortable enough to not worry, and laugh at something funny.

Sometimes it’s a fart. Sometimes it’s clumsiness. Sometimes it’s something that’s said.

It’s been 90F/32C weather here this week and we ran 2 miles in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. Hot, sweaty, and worn out. We didn’t get around to sexing until right before bedtime. He sat me up on the kitchen table and kissed me from my collarbone to my nipples. I licked at his neck and earlobe when suddenly,

“Hey, you still taste salty! I said.

“What? Why?”

“From sweating, probably. Mmm, you’re a salt lick!” I jokingly slurped and licked at his neck like a cow would.

“You know, I think I tasted bug spray on your boobs once.”

“…Okay…” Cue the laughter, amusement, and slight awkwardness of a “you had to be there” moment.

In case you’re wondering why there would be bug spray on my boobs, my work place had a bad flea infestation recently. Bugs love to bite me, so right out of the shower, I’d cover myself in bug spray before going to work.

A return to sex blogging!

After a long creative, dry spell, I stumbled upon this blog last weekend and was so sad I neglected it right after starting it! Reading my old posts brought back some lovely memories and reminded me of other experiences I meant to write about.

So to update, the Mr. and I are still together and have been living together as of February 2012! We also just recently celebrated our 2-year anniversary and are still just as naughty and happy as ever.

My job situation has greatly improved and I still have time to pursue other interests. It’s high time I return to blogging and my other creative endeavors!

Now that we have the entire apartment to ourselves, most of the sex has been outside the bedroom. The living room couch and the kitchen table have been getting lots of love, but my favorite new place is on the vanity in the second bathroom, especially when he fucks me from behind so we can look at each other in the mirror. :)

I cut my hair, have become more fashion-conscious, and have been exercising more. Not that I was in a bad state before, but lately I am just feeling awesome, sexier than ever, and inspired.

My writing feels shitty, awkward and out of practice, but that’s okay! I’m back riding the horse. ;)

Through the highs and lows, we’re there for each other

The Lows

Sex was had last weekend, though it wasn’t what my previous post had anticipated. Our separate lives encroached on our sex life and we went through a bit of a disconnect in intimacy this week. There was a day where we barely talked or touched, and definitely no sex. I was feeling a bit insecure in that he did not seem to initiate touching or kissing unless it was during sex. We still kissed goodbye, but hadn’t kissed hello in a while. We were hardly cuddling either.


The Highs

I spent a day to myself to create a bit of space and rework my attitude and habits. I’m a recent college graduate with part-time job. Aside from working maybe 10 hours a week if I’m lucky and being with the Mr., I haven’t been doing much productive activity in the past few months. I decided to finally get out of “summer vacation mode” and get more non-sexual fulfillment from my life. So I’ve started a new art project, am actively applying to more jobs, and getting into the habit of doing more and bullshitting less.

After the day of space, things felt warm and intimate again (I got a kiss with the “How are you/how was your day”!), and he was supportive in my endeavor to change my habits. Round 1 of sex was passionate and naughty. He brought out the spanking paddle and made my ass nice, tender and red. We cuddled and kissed afterwards. He touched my hands and my back. These were the little things I had been missing.

Naturally after sex, we were hungry. I would have happy with a quick and easy dinner like we sometimes do, but he said, “Let’s go out tonight.” I was thrilled at his suggestion, because it felt like we hadn’t been on proper date in a while. We had burgers and beer on the outside patio of a restaurant and it was lovely. We talked, laughed, touched, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We returned home fairly early, but were a bit groggy from the beer and fell into bed. It was a warm night so we stripped down and stretched out. Well, he wanted to stretch out but I felt like being a brat and taking up all his space. :D

Eventually we¬†maneuvered¬†into a spooning cuddling position. I was close to falling asleep, when I felt his hand slide up from my waist to my nipple. Then his teeth tugging at my ear. My hand instinctively reached back to pull his boxers off as I ground my ass into his crotch… Mmm, he gets me so hot…

I’m a bit pressed for time and so won’t go into the full sex details, but we did round 2 and it was lovely and intimate. :D I love having sex twice in a day, it’s such a nice treat.